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New Year's Eve 2017

We have arrived at the end of the Old Year, and there are many traditions associated with this time, although according to the old calendars we haven't even reached Christmas Day yet or the old festival of Yule, it was celebrated somewhere in the middle of January although no one is alive now who could tell us exactly when or how it was celebrated. So I am celebrating by listening to traditional early English music and eating my most favourite pink shrimps (sweets not the fish). On the way to pick up a bottle of Cava for tonight's celebrations we saw a few redwings eating the ivy flowers, this has given me a new idea for some work in the New Year, we also had some hungry dunnocks in our garden, a wren and a robin, and a very brave wood pigeon who insisted on knocking on the garden doors with his beak much to the complete indignation of our cat. Let's hope the New Year is better than the old One which is passing tonight! And here is health, peace, and wealth of spirit to all creatures in 2018.

December 2017

After promising myself to keep up my blog I find I have fallen behind with all the Festive preparations. I did hear a song thrush singing this morning which was very lovely to hear, also a robin's plaintive winter song. Redwings and fieldfares are in the trees around where I live, they are very beautiful. My twelve days of Christmas piece is still progressing slowly and I may work on it over the 12 Days coming. I just need to do 7 more Maids a Milking (7 magpies) I have drawn one already, 7 swans a swimming, one more lapwing 9 ladies dancing and the rest of the cuckoos for the Lords a Leaping. Those of you who follow me on facebook will know where I am in all of this work. We had a heavy fall of snow which made it interesting for bird watching, dunnocks in the garden, a couple of blackbirds and collared doves all feeding on the birdfeeder, plus not one but three grey squirrels helping themselves all hanging of the bird feeder. They don't seem to fear anybody!

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