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April 2018


Excitement beyond compare!!!

The cuckoos have finally arrived from their great migratory journey from Africa although only two at the moment, hopefully the other three will turn up. The cuckoos arrival will now help me to get on with the work I began last year for Sketch for Survival which later this year go on exhibition in the Oxo Tower, London and onto New York, and to complete an exhibition I have in mind for the future. all very exciting. I saw two yesterday and managed to draw them using the scope. I can work on these gradually over the next couple of weeks. They are beautiful and very exotic looking birds, first they fly like a hawk, look a little like a pigeon and have a striped vest and huge eyes. They are busy hunting amongst the nettles for the caterpillars they like to eat in this particular habitat. I hope through my work to draw people's attention to the plight of these beautiful birds as they are on the red endangered list for animals and birds most at risk from extinction in Africa and this will have a knock-on effect in Britain too. After all where would Spring be without the call of the cuckoo?

THE OWL BOOK - JANE RUSS (Graffeg Press)

This lovely little book was published today and is for sale from all good bookshops and online, it features Edyth my barn owl on one of the pages and I am looking forward to receiving my copy.


Yes!! It is suddenly so much warmer and Spring has arrived and with it the beauty of the season, one minute nothing much happening, then the next the incredible speed of plants growing, trees shooting out buds, birds beginning to pair up and build nests (some have already), young foxes being out and about with their parent, hares boxing like crazy, deer in fields, water birds on the lakes, the beautiful blackthorn blossom will soon be overcome by the beauty of the hawthorn blossom. The wonder of this season is so amazing, so incredible so completely all encompassing it can take your breath away, and it all only lasts about six weeks, so I will be out and about sketching the spring as it takes place, from the smallest bud to the full finale...before the summer begins.

Thank goodness that the two icy snowy blasts of winter seem to have left bringing a lull and a bit of sunshine. There are floods everywhere near to where I live and the fields are thick with mud almost unwalkable. Looking forward to getting out next week and walking as far as possible in the pursuit of the elusive brown hare, and hope to watch them boxing. The blackthorn blossom is looking beautiful like little stars of a pale spring evening. There are dog violets out along one of my walks and primroses which gladden the heart with their phospherant colour. There are a few early nest builders like the couple of long tailed tit nests I have watched them building amongst the bramble hedgerows, I don't stop or go towards the nests or disturb the nests in case the local magpies see me, they have excellent memories and I don't want the nests to be predated through my fault.

New workshop at the Park Trust


Our next workshop is just a week away!

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